In addition to my ongoing research about the Black Sox Scandal, I also write articles about other aspects of baseball history. Here are some of my recent articles:

Lardner-RingRing Lardner, Baseball’s Comedic Genius

The National Pastime Museum, June 5, 2017
The godfather of baseball humor is Ring Lardner, a literary phenom who continues to make fans laugh more than one hundred years after his first story was published. He was one of America’s greatest humorists and a master of vernacular literature. But his favorite subject was baseball, and he used the game and its many colorful characters to shed light on the absurdity of life in the Major Leagues. Read the full article at The National Pastime Museum.

winter_meetings_cover_510pxBaseball’s Business: The Winter Meetings: 1901-1957

Edited by Steve Weingarden and Bill Nowlin (SABR, 2016)
So much of baseball history happened at the Winter Meetings. This new book published by SABR contains stories and highlights about the business of baseball in the early years of the major leagues, from the establishment of two “major leagues” in 1901 through the final year before expansion to the West Coast in 1957. I contributed two articles to this book, covering the 1918 Winter Meetings following the end of World War I and the 1919 Winter Meetings after the conclusion of the fixed World Series. Click a link above to download each article (PDF), or click here to learn more about the book.

Award Winning History: A history of MLB awardsmemories-and-dreams-fall-2016-cover

Memories and Dreams (Baseball Hall of Fame), Vol. 38, No. 5, Fall 2016
There is no more time-honored tradition among baseball fans than arguing over the most deserving award winners at the end of every season. Baseball’s top awards all have their own histories, too. Click the link above to download the article (PDF).

elybonesSABR BioProject: Bones Ely

SABR.org, June 20, 2016
Fred “Bones” Ely did not become an everyday starter in the major leagues until he was 30 years old, but then he spent nearly a decade as one of the game’s top defensive shortstops. He gained lasting fame, however, for losing his job with the Pittsburgh Pirates to one of the greatest players in baseball history. Read the full story at the SABR BioProject.

No ‘Solid Front of Silence’: The Forgotten Black Sox Scandal Interviews

jackson-joe-with-furman-bisher-1949SABR Baseball Research Journal, No. 45, Vol. 1, Spring 2016
It’s easy to believe the players who participated in the 1919 World Series had no interest in “talking about the past.” Ever since the Black Sox were banned in 1921, finger-wagging sportswriters have perpetuated the idea that the Chicago players disappeared from the public eye and lived out the rest of their lives with their heads hung in shame. Author Eliot Asinof attributed their reluctance to talk to the stigma that everyone involved — even the innocent players — supposedly felt about the 1919 World Series. But more than 20 White Sox and Cincinnati Reds players spoke on the record about the scandal afterward, in at least 85 separate interviews. Read the full story at SABR.org.

Here are some other articles I’ve written:

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