Jacob Pomrenke
I’m the editor of Scandal on the South Side: The 1919 Chicago White Sox and the Director of Editorial Content for SABR. My writing appears regularly at SABR.org, The National Pastime Museum, the Baseball Hall of Fame’s Memories and Dreams magazine, and elsewhere. Previously, I spent 10 years as a reporter, page designer, and editor at newspapers in California and Georgia.

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Black Sox Scandal

There’s a lot more to learn about the fixing of the 1919 World Series. In 2015, SABR published Scandal on the South Side: The 1919 Chicago White Sox, which chronicled all of the players associated with the most infamous team in baseball history. Click here to find more of my research about the Black Sox Scandal.



My articles on baseball history have run the gamut from a biography of Connie Mack’s spy during the war between the major leagues at the turn of the 20th century to minor-league home run kings like Mike Hessman to a time-traveling experience at the oldest ballpark in America. Click here to read more of my work.



In my role at SABR, I handle a lot of media requests and research questions from reporters, students, and regular baseball fans — on subjects ranging from Pete Rose’s ban from baseball to the evolution of sabermetrics to the appeal of the Baltimore Orioles’ theme song. Click here to read and listen to some of my recent interview clips.