Reading List 2009

I’m pleased with my prolific reading output in 2009: 24 books read, most for pleasure since I was a teenager. It “helps” that I didn’t do as much writing as in recent years. That should change this year, I hope.

Anyway, thanks to Visual Bookshelf — check the left side of my FB profile — here’s my reading list for ’09 (in reverse order, from end of year to beginning):

  • The Short Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald (started mid-Dec. ’09; 30/43 stories read)
  • Ragtime (Doctorow)
  • The March (Doctorow)
  • Assassination Vacation (Vowell)
  • Catch Me If You Can (Abagnale)
  • The Machine (Posnanski)
  • The Young Lions (Shaw)
  • Eddie Collins: A Baseball Biography (Huhn)
  • The Lost Symbol (Brown)
  • Chasing Moonlight (Friedlander)
  • Sam Rice: A Biography (Carroll)
  • A Game of Inches (Morris)
  • The Devil in the White City (Larson – audiobook version)
  • Glory Road (Haskins/Wetzel)
  • Sin in the Second City (Abbott)
  • Satchel (Tye)
  • The Black Prince of Baseball (Dewey/Acocella)
  • Living on the Black (Feinstein)
  • Opening Day (Eig)
  • For The Thrill of It (Baatz)
  • The Given Day (Lehane)
  • Larceny and Old Leather (Ham)
  • A Voyage Long and Strange (Horwitz)
  • When Pride Still Mattered (Maraniss – started just after Christmas ’08)